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What is your background to energy medicine?

I have a very varied background - from having my own business in the legal field [1987-2006] ... playing around a bit in the hospitality industry [1994-1995]... all the time learning and practicing more and more alternative and holistic healthcare practices ... from a very young age.

So Who are You?

Answering the question to WHO AM I is an impossible question to answer because every time I try to look at who I am, I have to step outside of myself and say, “Oh that is who I am. But wait a minute – I'm over here now. Okay, let me step out over here, let's look at that. Wait, I'm over here now.”  I can't really answer a question like that in the way you need answers.  What I’ve discovered is the question I am asking is ‘How am I?’


When I look at how I am in the moment, I witness that, understand that, and leverage that.  I have come to know that Who we Are is Energy.  Period. That is all we are. How I am is how that energy is being expressed in this moment.  I continually discover new ways to express myself.  This simple shift in the life seeking question has helped me to assist others to discover their unique skills that they can offer personally and professionally.  All this is doing is getting you to be present with "you".  When you become present, everything starts to unfold from there.

What do you love the most about life?

I love my family, all my animals [and especially my cats], nature and old '80's classics!

I am passionate about assisting others reach their full potential. 

Do you only practice from the Balance Centre?

Until the Universe determines otherwise, yes, I only practice from the Balance Centre.  We have a small training room [max. 10 per class] and a Clinic on the premises for my workshops.


I do offer distant sessions via Whatsapp Video Call facilities.  

When did you open the Balance Centre?

I established the Balance Centre in 1995 with a vision to provide you with the optimal space to enable you to break through boundaries that hamper your health and growth - be that personal, business or career.

It has certainly evolved many times since then ... as many of my clients will tell you ... up to 2002 when I certified as a BodyTalk practitioner.


What services do you offer?

My main focus is on PaRama BodyTalk which is a Integrative Medicine healthcare system drawing on all my extensive training and experience, various skills and tools.  

I also offer Naturopathic & Nutritional consultations and workshops on different Lifestyle topics.  

Why do you use BodyTalk as the vehicle for your services?

To understand the answer to this question, I have to share a bit of my personal journey.  At a young age I hurt my lower spine.  The pain was debilitating at times and stopped me from participating in various activities that young people participate in.  This however led me down the path of looking for relief - even in some small way - first in the traditional and later in the alternative medical fields.   

This search for answers allowed me to study various healing modalities, therapies and take many courses, read many books, consult various therapists, etc.  

It was not until I said "Hey, Stop!  I am SURE my body knows what to do about this pain" that I came in contact with a BodyTalk practitioner.  


The beauty of the BodyTalk System is that it does not TELL the body what to fix, it ASKS the body what is the priority!  Big difference.  No pills, medication, invasive techniques or anything that the body is outside the parameters of what the body is able to handle.

I just knew that BodyTalk would be the most effective tool with which I could share my Uniqueness with the world. 

How long have you been a BodyTalk Practitioner?

I certified as a BodyTalk practitioner in April 2004 with the International BodyTalk Association.  This certification consists of 2 parts - one a written examination and the other a practical examination.  Both of these examinations have to be passed before you are certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner.

When did you do your PaRama BodyTalk training?

I did not pause after I did the basic modules in BodyTalk.  As it integrated my previous training, it was easy to slot into the Protocol and Procedures.  I certified as a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner during September 2006.


Is BodyTalk safe for everybody?

As long as you are alive, you can benefit from a BodyTalk session.  Every single cell in your body [and there are trillions of them] have a story to tell.  The question is : Are you BRAVE enough to LISTEN?


How many sessions does a person need to feel better? 

Define 'feel better'.  Almost without fail the Balance Centre client returns after their 1st session saying that they are feeling lighter, some sleep better, others concentrate better, others have less drama in their lives but all in all there is an immediate improvement. 

I have found that a couple of sessions are most helpful in just about any situation.  We tend to think that we have to get sick before we ask for help or assistance but I want to put it out there that you CAN prevent sickness / illness / dis-ease from hampering your life.  

Everything is reflected in your energy field.  That energy field eventually becomes your physical reality.

The question is - again - are you BRAVE enough to LISTEN?   

What other training have you had?

My journey thus far has included many varied activities of which I will list some below:

Member of:

International BodyTalk Association (PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner) []

South African BodyTalk Association[]

International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

Traditional Health Organization (Herbalist, Lifestyle Support & Primary Health Care) registered to practice in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Australia

Natural Healers Association (Trainer Level : Professional / Area of focus : Ethno Health Care)

Courses / Workshops / Accreditation Attended or Completed

  • 1999 - Awakening to the Dance of Life Self Empowerment Workshop

  • 1999 - Reiki (Intentional System Levels I, II and Master Attunement

  • 1999 - Karuna Ki (Advanced Reini Levels I, II and Master Attunement)

  • Astrology I ASSA Foundation (SA Astrology Ass) - Harry Waldauer

  • Empath™ Training Programme (Colleen Joy Page)

  • Family Constellations (John Payne (as taught by Burt Hellinger)

  • Human Pin Codes (Richard Higgins)

  • Lightarian AngelLinks™ Facilitator (Lightarian Institute of USA)

  • Michael Teachings (Personality Analysis)

  • Ramtha™ Teachings

  • Reiki I and II (Usui, Traditional) (with Master Level Attunement in 1998)

  • 7/2004 - Mindscape [Facilitator: Kris Attard : Presented by Awareness Workshops]

  • 4/2004 - Basic Pranic Healing Course [Presented by All Indian Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundations Trust]

  • 11/2004 - Completed The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program [Presented by Sacred Life Foundation]

  • 12/2004 - Completed The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program [Presented by Sacred Life Foundation]

  • March 2004 - Module 1 - BodyTalk System (International BodyTalk Association)

  • March 2004 - Module 2 - BodyTalk System (International BodyTalk Association)

  • April 2004 - Module 3 - BodyTalk System (International BodyTalk Association)

  • May 2004 - Module 4 / 7 BodyTalk System (International BodyTalk Association)

  • Feb. 2008 - Module 5 - BodyTalk System (International BodyTalk Association)

  • Nov 2004 - Module 6 - BodyTalk System (International BodyTalk Association)

  • Dec 2004 - Module 9 - BodyTalk System (International BodyTalk Association)

  • April 2005 - Right Brain Practical (International BodyTalk Association)

  • April 2005 - PaRama BreakThrough I - PaRama College

  • April 2005 - PaRama BreakThrough II - PaRama College

  • Sept 2006 - PaRama College Unit 1 Practical - PaRama College

  • Sept 2006 - PaRama College Unit 1 Practical - PaRama College

  • Aug 2008 - BodyTalk Interactive (International BodyTalk Association)

  • Oct 2013 - Eastern Medicine (International BodyTalk Association)

  • April 2018 - Energetics (International BodyTalk Association)

  • May 2018 - Completed Diploma in Naturopathy (Centre of Excellence, UK based - Passed with Distinction [100%]

  • March 2013 - Career Hearted Foundations Intensive - Jeffrey A Goodman

  • 19-04-2004 - BodyTalk Practitioner Certification

  • 23-10-2006 - PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner Accreditation

  • 6-7/2015 - Folk Medicine (Synergetica Academy) [Clinical Herbalism, ABC of Research, Ethics, Nutrition]

  • 8/2015 - Call-Med First Aid Training Level I - CI Number 415

  • 8/2015 - Plan a Training Event US10231 / course code 013/PLE/4/ETDP*

  • 10/2015 - Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment US115753 / course code 012/COBA/05/ETDP*

  • 12/2015 - Conduct Moderator of Outcomes-Based Assessment US115759 / course code 2013/MOD/6/ETDP*

  • [To request my current SOR and listing with the relevant SETA, please click here]


Previous Publications / Discussion Groups & Training Presented

  • During September 2004 I published "The Informed Choice - The A to Z of Healthcare, Modalities and Practices in South Africa" (published by Kima Global Publishers)

  • Co-founder of Soul to Soul Group – discussion group with like minded persons as co-founder with Michelle Vincent (NLP practitioner) and Elmarie Castlemaine (Life Coach) from premises in Glenvista : 2000 - 2001

  • Relaxation and Meditation Group from Balance Centre in 2001 – 2005 with Mark Cook (Soul Coach, Teacher, Medical Intuitive)

  • Michael Teachings - Personality Analysis from Soul Perspective from Balance Centre 2002 – 2004

  • Creative Meditative Art (art therapy combined with theory on chakras, meditations, sound healing, colour therapy) from Balance Centre 2002 – 2004

  • Co-hosted with Hilda de la Rosa (ex-editor of Namaste Magazine) the "Take Control of Your Life" courses from Balance Centre 2003 - 2005

  • Soul Journey – hosted workshop for Vanessa A’Wakan from Balance Centre during early 2000’s

  • Career Hearted Business Skills Development & Enhancement Training [current]

  • Unique You ... Let's Dance with Life - Ongoing self-discovery workshops 

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