Distant or Remote Sessions

Reasons for distance sessions Requests for distance treatments come from a variety of sources.  Sometimes in-person clients will opt to receive distance treatments when they can't come in for a regular appointment. Other clients will often arrange for distance sessions for friends or family living in other cities around the world – for which permission needs to be obtained in writing from the person being treated. Satisfied distance clients talk to their friends and family resulting in more referrals. 


Booking a distance session Distance treatments are booked in the same manner as in-person treatments - that is, scheduled alongside the others whenever appointment times are available.


Conducting a distance session Distance sessions are conducted in one of the following ways:

1.         Over the phone, with the client phoning me at the appointed time. OR

2.         On my own at the designated time, without the client on the phone. This approach is most practical for several clients. However, there may be a brief initial telephone discussion with the client to set the agenda (if there is one); or there may be an email from the client prior to the session detailing their symptoms, again giving me some information in case Innate permits me to set an agenda. OR

3.         Via Skype.  Please add me to your Skype contacts [e-mattheus@mweb.co.za] and call me at the appointment time.


Distance clients need an opportunity to "air" their problems with me. They like to be heard, and I appreciate having some clues to speed up my detective work.  If my distance clients elect to be on the phone during the treatment, I involve them as much as possible - for example with holding links or thinking about the active memory events. At the same time, the client can visualize the whole process.


If distance clients choose to lie down or be asleep during the treatment time instead of being on the phone, then I do the treatment and record the links. I will give feedback of the session either via phone or via email. 


Feedback after the session Feedback is given as soon as possible after a session if the client is not present on the phone or on Skype.  Clients are encouraged to sms, phone or email if anything interesting happens after the treatment or if they have any questions about the experience. You still have my support - whether you are here or not.


Payment and Rates for distance sessions My rates for distance sessions are exactly the same as what I charge for in-person sessions as the results are the same (only the experience of the treatment is different).  Payment for a distance session needs to be made PRIOR to the session and can be made via electronic transfer or direct payment into my account.  Once the deposit confirmation is received from my financial institution, I will book and/or conduct the session.   An invoice will be sent to you with my banking details.

Video: Demonstration of BodyTalk Session

Booking : PaRama BodyTalk Appointment

Consultations are per Appointment Only.  Please phone the clinic on +27 82 804 6589 to schedule a mutually convenient time for your appointment.    


Your consultation / session can take place either:


  • in person at the Balance Centre [I do not offer travelling options or do house calls]

  • telephonically [you call me on a landline number at the appointment time]

  • via WHATSAPP VIDEO CALL or SKYPE [add me to your contact list a day before the time in order to ensure effective connection at your appointment time]

  • distant or remote sessions [which can be either recorded and a voice note sent to you or just a brief transcript via text sent to your mobile device]

  • via a surrogate [in the case of a person who is too ill to travel or a child under the age of 7]


At present I do not have a wheelchair friendly walk-way leading to the Clinic.

Appointment Made : Now What?

Next, you are going to need to print, complete and bring some forms with you for your first appointment. These will be emailed to you.

Your first appointment is already scheduled for 1.5 hours, so filling in the forms only when you get to the Clinic, is going to waste valuable time during your appointment time.

Before & After a Session

Before a Session


You are encouraged to watch a video by Dr John Veltheim.  It is called the Cortices Technique.    It is highly beneficial to you to get into a daily habit of using this technique.  [Click here to watch] or  [YouTube].


After a Session


  • BodyTalk works best if you come for your appointments as close as possible to the time that the innate wisdom of your body indicates. If you need to cancel or reschedule, I need at least 48 hours notice by phone. It is okay to leave a message or send an SMS.

  • The BodyTalk links do not always make logical sense. It does not help if we try to analyze them. In fact, we can unravel their effectiveness if our conscious minds try to over‑analyze them. Mostly they are addressed to parts of the brain other than the conscious mind.

  • Your session usually will not last over 30 minutes. Yet the time it takes your body to assimilate the changes initiated in the session may be several days or weeks.

  • In the beginning, sessions are usually closer together than they are later. And sometimes if the client is going through a stressful time, their innate wisdom will indicate sessions need to be closer together, for a while, than they usually are for that client. Most clients eventually come to the place where they are getting BodyTalk about once every 20‑30 days. Some people come for a series of sessions, leave for a while, and then come back again. Others come for years and years because they love the way they feel!

  • Emotional, career, and/or life situation changes are as much possibilities as are physical healings. Some clients come in for a painful knee joint or headaches and see other things heal first, like maybe they get a new job out of the blue, or their marital discord gets healed, or the kids start to behave, etc. Maybe the headaches quit after the chronic back pain they thought they had to live with forever gets healed. The knee quits hurting after the constipation they've had since childhood goes away. Your innate wisdom has its own priorities.

  • Anything our bodies or minds can do at all might happen after a session as we are healing. These include temporary, unusual changes to the urination, bowel movements, sweat, rashes, itching, brief skin breakouts, a mild fever, slight muscle soreness, and/or vivid dreaming. Some folks feel waves of energy moving through the body. Need for medication may increase temporarily and then decrease dramatically. So if you are on diabetes meds, for example, please test daily. Tiredness and increased thirst are the most common reactions to a session, and they usually occur the first day. (So rest and drink water.)

  • Also, emotional releases may occur, including laughter or deep joy. If there are emotions like anger, worry, sadness, grief, or fear coming up, and you would like to expedite their release, take an apple cider vinegar bath.  This bath is not a BodyTalk sanctioned thing, it is just something I have known about for 20+ years and it works for the vast majority of folks! Don't forget to shower afterwards.

  • The most common report we get from clients is that they experience peace and joy as a result of coming regularly for BodyTalk sessions. And why not? Those are our natural state of being! 

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

An old remedy passed down through the ages for releasing intense emotions is the apple cider vinegar bath. If you are experiencing a time of releasing stored emotions, and you want to release them painlessly, purchase some apple cider vinegar. Apparently no other vinegar works like this.


Run a warm bath and add 2‑3 cups of apple cider vinegar. Soak for 30 minutes. Add warm water if you need to do that to keep the bath warm enough for comfort. The apple cider vinegar somehow pulls the emotion out of the body and into the air around the body. Then after the bath, drain the tub and take a shower. This theoretically gets the emotions out of the air around the body, and down the drain.


If you are not washing your hair at this time, be sure and get some of the water from the shower on your hands and pass your hands through the air above your head. That way the air above your head gets cleaned, too. You want to completely get rid of these old emotions. 


We do not know WHY this works, we just have observed that it does work. This is one of those things passed down through the generations from "the old country." Try it (like a scientific experiment) and see if it works for you!   (Again, this is not a BodyTalk sanctioned thing, just something learned a long time ago and have observed that it works for most people)

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